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Do I Qualify for Government Subsidy
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The FLISP programme is available to qualifying beneficiaries who intend purchasing a house or are in the process of purchasing a house for the first time. The applicant must acquire a mortgage bond or home loan financing from a recognised financial institution / bank.

Any individual who has already purchased a property which has already been transferred into his or her name with effect from 01 April 2012, 01 April 2014 or 28 July 2018 will also be eligible to apply for the subsidy provided that they meet the requirements, of the respective policy revisions.

gallery/flisp how much can i get

The Government will give a once-off subsidy, which is a non-refundable amount, to those who qualify, on a sliding scale ranging from R27 960.00 to R121 626.00.

The subsidy is also available to civil servants provided that their total household income including their housing allowance does not exceed R22 000.

For enquiries please contact the KZN Department of Human Settlements on the following numbers:

031 336 5396 / 031 336 5262 / 031 336 5277 / 031 336 5285 / 031 336 5418 or visit our offices on the 11th floor, Eagle Building, 353–356 Dr Pixley KaSeme

(former West street), Durban.

gallery/flisp criteria to qualify

* The applicant must be a South African citizen or must hold a permanent residence permit.

* The applicant must be 18 years of age or older or legally married or legally divorced and of sound mind.

* The applicant’s current total household income must be between R3 501 and R22 000 per month, excluding overtime and commission but includes allowances.

* The applicant or his/her spouse must not have previously derived benefits from the housing subsidy scheme or any other state funded or assisted housing subsidy scheme which conferred benefits of ownership, leasehold or deed of grant.

* The applicant must not be owning any other residential property nor previously owned fixed residential property.

* Where the application is made for a subsidy on the basis of a legal marriage or cohabitation arrangement, it is required that the property must be registered in the name of both spouses in the Deeds Office.

* The applicant may be single but with proven financial dependants

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Application form can be found on:

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PLEASE NOTE: All documents must be stamped and signed by a Commissioner of Oaths

Include the documents applicable to each applicant:

* Copy of RSA bar coded identity document

* Copy of Birth Certificate bearing the 13 digit ID number of all financial dependants listed.

* Copy of Bar Coded permanent residence permit

* Copy of Marriage Certificate/ Civil Union Certificate or Co-habiting Affidavit

* Divorce Settlement documents, including proof of custody of children

* Spouse’s death certificate

These documents must be included:

* Proof of monthly income

* Home Loan Approval in Principal/Grant letter issued by Lender or Bank

* Agreement of Sale

* Proof of current residence (eg Water & Lights, Retail Account Statement)

Include the documents applicable:

* Building contract and approved building plans

* Court orders or orders issued by the Commissioner of Child Welfare as proof of guardianship for foster children

IF YOU HAVE more than 1 applicant, then these documents need to be included for each applicant.

When all in order and no rejections are found on the document, then the Assistant Registrar will pass the Deeds and it will be given the thumbs up to proceed.